The Career Calling School
A Proven, Step-by-Step System Equipping You With the Clarity & Confidence to Find Worthwhile Work You Love!
— Finally —

Know What to Do With Your Life!

Here's What You'll learn:
How to find worthwhile work you love: So you’re not living for lunch breaks or long weekends anymore. 

How to finally figure out what to do with your life...especially if you can’t see yourself in any one specific career. 

How to dig deep and unearth your hidden gifts and genius. Things you do better than most everyone without trying. Tap into your (hidden) gifts, and you’ll be one step closer to an interesting career.
— Paige  —
"I would describe myself as creative but practical. In college, I studied urban agriculture and environmental sustainability. Before I learned about the Career Calling School, I was working at Starbucks. Just another barista with big dreams. I had a passion for holistic living—the wellness of our bodies, mind and environment.  

But I had no idea how to transform my individual interests into a real paying career. Plus, I was notoriously bad at interviewing.

The Career Calling School taught me how to tell my story and clearly communicate my value. Their word-for-word interview scripts helped me conquer my nerves and ask thought-provoking questions — which set me apart from my competition. Finally! I no longer suffer from post-interview regret.  

Today, I do what I love. Working at an 11-acre wellness retreat and organic family farm. I've finally found my community and my calling. I’m lucky. I get to work the earth alongside doctoral candidates, family famers, and neuroscientists. We’re working together toward a common goal: to educate others on the benefits of sustainable living."
— Darien  —
I was working at an ad agency. Which, on paper, sounded like a millennial’s dream job. We had beer Fridays. “Unlimited” vacation days. We could even bring our dogs to work... But my job failed to present me with any real opportunities for career growth. And no amount of professional perks could hide the fact that I was unhappy. 
I felt stuck. I needed help.

Enter: The Career Calling School. Their curriculum gave me everything I needed to break into a new industry and finally go after what excites me—brand strategy. I went from feeling in the dark about my future to having confidence in who I am and clarity on where I’m going.

Today, I work as a senior brand strategist f
or a global digital marketing agency in Brooklyn. I LOVE IT! I feel lucky. I’ve yet to hit my 30s, but thanks to this course I’ve been promoted twice in less than 3 years. And I’m making more money today than I ever thought possible.

These days my proverbial career cup runneth over. So much so that I’ve started channeling my gifts into a new hobby: acting and comedy! Now I’m playing film festivals and doing stand-up with the A-list pros (like Letterman, the Tonight Show, and Conan O’Brien). I never imagined my life could look like this!

The Career Calling School gave me clear and simple steps for supercharging my career when I didn’t know where to start. Take my advice—enroll today. I only wish I’d started sooner!
— Minja —
“I was struggling to find a job after grad school in Toronto. Companies weren’t getting back to me. I was discouraged...until I started followed the Career Calling steps. Thanks to Career Calling, I landed a job in Silicon Valley. Nearly making six-figures after grad school, working for a top healthcare company as a UX researcher and visual content editor
Nii’s material changed my life.”

“Wondering what to do with your life?”
Nii Codjoe| ENTJ
Hey, I'm Nii Codjoe! I’m Personality Hacker’s COO. And creator of The Career Calling School. Let me ask you something.

Do you ever wonder what you should do with your life?  

Or ever wonder about whether the day will come when you can rest into a career you love? Wielding your genius to solve cool, interesting problems in the world?

If you’re like me, at all — and you, sometimes, think about these kinds of things…

Then you’re not the kind of person who enjoys a having a job just to pay the bills. You’re not the kind person who gets giddy about a mundane work week. Let’s face it. You’ll never be a member of the “I-Love-Early-Monday-Mornings!” fanclub.

(And that’s by choice.)

People, like me and you, we’re different because our hearts and minds long for something more than the mundane.

You’re the kind of person who’s looking for more meaning out of your life. More color. More life. Less of the grind. More reds and golds than greys. You’re not looking for any old job. You want work that feels right.

For years, you’ve been walking the world, searching for something more, but not even sure what you’re looking for. What you’re seeking is a career calling.

—Your Career Calling —
"The artful act of wielding your gifts and skills to do fulfilling, interesting work in the world. Making an impact as you go."
Doesn’t work like that sound ahhh-mazing?
Well, that’s because it is. Uncovering my career calling changed my life. Like everyone else, I was terrified of getting stuck in a boring job. Trapped in a modern-day Alcatraz only because I needed some cash. To pay bills. Taxes. Health-insurance. (Yeah, you know, and  a couple things on Amazon...) 

By following the right steps, though, I dodged this depressing fate and found a career I love. But here’s the problem.

Most people never uncover their calling. Usually, for 2 or 3 reasons. I’ll tell you why, later.) So what do you do?

You put yourself out there. But nothing, really, seems to work out the way you were hoping for. Because nobody came down from the mountain tops and taught you how to find fulfilling, interesting work in the world.

So, anyway,  you play it safe. You grab a decent day job.  It’s a smart strategy. It works! But at what cost?

See, me and Anahndi — my wife,  she’s an INTJ —  we’ve been exploring this idea for years: What happens if you can’t find fulfilling work in the world?

What happens if you’re stuck in a boring job you hate?

Work shouldn't make you wince. It's Crazy! 

Anyway, it’s sad. You end up committing to what my wife and I call:
The Low-Risk Life.

— The Low Risk Life —
The approach of living a safe, conventional life that conforms to the expectations of your family, friends and society. It’s keeping up the status quo by censoring who you really are.

The majority of our families, friends, coworkers, neighbors — most of them have chosen the Low-Risk Life. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, some people thrive in a Low-Risk Life.  I’m just NOT one of them!  (I don’t think you are, either!)

If so, you might be wondering: How do I jump from a Low-Risk Life into my Career Calling?

Thought you’d never ask!

“How Do You Jump From a Low-Risk Life into Your Career Calling?”

Well, the answer is counterintuitive. But, first, you’re going to need a little backstory...
Picture it: I was a lanky, college kid who loved books and business. An ENTJ. And, admittedly, a textbook Te-dom. Friendly, but just a little too intense. And all I wanted for Christmas, birthdays and graduation was a fulfilling career using my gifts. That’s it.

 In what field? Who knows?! What role? Who cares?!  I just knew that becoming an academic—like my dad, a quiet professor whose nose was forever in a book—was simply not right for me.

Nor did I want to drop $85,000 on grad school. (I was already $35,000 in debt!) So I had a decision to make: do I take the well-trodden path, or do I try to forge my own?  

If I wanted to forge my own path, I needed to know what steps to take. Where do I go? How do I figure out what to do with my life?

Now, remember, I’m an ENTJ, leading with Effectiveness, or extraverted thinking. Look. I love a good action step, but what do you do when you don’t know what to do? My hair was literally falling out from stress.

So I decided to get the perspectives of real people in the real world. I started looking up successful people online, those who seemed to have a fulfilling career.  I combed through the corners of the web, hunting for their cellphone numbers and email addresses. I organized them into a spreadsheet. Why? Why all this toil?

Because I needed an answer. I needed to know their secret. Now, let's be clear...

Dialing a stranger’s number was one of the scariest things I’d ever done in my life. My heart was thumping, my hands were clammy and wet, as the dial tone rang.  

Most of my tries were unsuccessful, not all of them. For example, I met a VP from Coke. His team concocted a new drink for Coca-Cola, using natural sweeteners while courting the FDA. He always wore a tailored Italian jacket with a pocket square, for a pop, paired with dark, denim jeans and Italian loafers. No socks. Yup. One of those.

Anyway, one by one, I worked my way down my list, calling, connecting and emailing interesting people. In short time, my project paid off. I went from having stale career chats with my guidance counselor to running in circles with high-powered people.

The experience was life changing. And odd because I almost felt like I was living two seperate lives: on one hand, I was a t-shirt-wearing college kid living off loans and ramen. And on the other, I was a young, well-connected professional— with the contact list of my dreams!  Hobnobbing with CEOs and rubbing elbows with celebrities. Crazy, right?!

I was jumping between English 1101 and private yacht parties. Between my school cafeteria and a luxury-wine tastings. With the likes of Chris Tucker, Heads of State and more... 
                                      Somehow, scrawny and star stuck—I'd stumbled into the 1%.

(And believe me, I definitely played up the: “Oh-I’m-just-a-confused-college-kid trying to find my way” card)

I got a glimpse behind the curtain into the lives, homes and working habits of the 1%. Most became friendly, familiar faces; others became mentors and friends. Taking me under their wing, teaching me the proverbial—wax on and wax off. 

By graduation, my mind was made up. I was NOT going to pursue a traditional career in academia. Or go to grad school. Instead, I did just the opposite.

So, I collected the lessons I learned from my “tribe of mentors” and went West— to forge my own path. Into Wild-Wild-West of the Working-World. To test and iterate the things I’d learned. 

Now don’t get me wrong. This wasn't a smooth sailing fairy tale. I was 21. I made a lot of rookie mistakes. I’ve been fired. Had false starts. All sorts of crazy things (including couch-surfing in San Francisco, for a few weeks. But that’s another story.)

After working out the kinks, I started to see some success. Soon, I went from not knowing what to do with my life to having a clear answer. Along the way, I worked on a startup in Silicon Valley. Got featured on The Huffington Post. Pitched investors and press staff at Google. I was only 23. By 27, I had become Personality Hacker’s COO. 
"Now, here’s an important clarification on my story..."
The US was deep in a recession when I joined the real world. Hiring was not a thing — especially for young people with big expectations and little experience. (Like me!)

Oh, yeah, especially if you’re an English major a decent GPA. Case in point: My grades and GPA
Yet in spite of a recession and crappy grades,  I had, at a young age, more success in a short time than peers 10 years older than me. I had clarity on my strengths. I had the skills to find and reel in amazing job opportunities. 

After 5 years of real-world, field-tested experience, I collected all the lessons I learned from my embarrassing failures and success — I distilled them all into 3 simple steps.

As I taught my friends these steps, they, too, saw success. Like I did. Soon, I was doing career workshops, in my spare time, teaching hundreds of people my success strategies.

Today, countless people, from different countries, young and old, have applied my strategies and steps. Want to hear about them?

(Remember: These steps are powerful, but deceptively simple. In fact, their power stems from their simplicity!)

“Three Secret Steps to Finding Work You Love (in the 21st century).”
STEP 1: Unearth Your (Hidden) Gifts & Genius 
Your gifts and calling are connected like twins. Here’s the problem: Most of us have no idea what our true gifts are. The gifts are buried—DEEP down. Why do you think that is? 

Here—I’ll give you one of the reasons. As humans, we struggle to see ourselves, objectively. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we’re either our biggest fan or harshest critic. (Sometimes, both!) So our inability to see ourselves, accurately, objectively, makes it hard for us to decipher: What’s my real genius? 

Without having an answer, how will you unearth your potential? What’s your plan? How will you fulfill a calling, artfully wielding your gifts and skills to do fulfilling, interesting work in the world. Making an impact as you go.

Because the world needs you. We need your gifts. We need your skills. We need your insight. But how can you share your gifts with the world if you don’t them.

STEP 2: Explore and vet your career interests and opportunities through a systematic approach.
Most of us, when we graduated from college, walked into a world very different than what we were raised in.  

From the kindergarten classroom to college, our education system gave us a very, narrow menu of careers to choose from: You can be a lawyer, doctor, high teacher or engineer. Take your pick!

(So I’m curious. Do you see it? Even from childhood, we were being groomed to live a Low-Risk Life! Four career paths. Anything different is “risky.” )

So, what happens? Finally, you graduate from college (with thousands in debt). And you have no idea what to do with your life, but don’t feel like it’s all your fault.

For over 20 years, you had a small menu of options at lunch: mashed potatoes, green beans or rice.

For over 20 years, you were exposed to a tiny set of career paths. That’s why you don’t know what to do with your life. You haven’t been exposed to enough options, yet!

I want to widen your palate!

(So let me tell you a secret. Knowing how to explore, narrow, and vet your career options is one of the most powerful skills you can wield in the cutthroat, 21st century. A world where the only constant thing in our lives is change.)

Without having this crucial skill, people waffle and waddle through life, false start after false start — until, finally, they give up and settle...for a low-risk life.
STEP 3: Fish For Your Right Role
Imagine you’re on a boat in the ocean. Your fishing rod starts tugging, you start pulling back but you never seem to catch a fish? Just because a fish is within grasp, it doesn’t mean we have the skills to actually reel that thing in. 

The same principle applies to your career. If a life-changing career opportunity was just floating near you, would you have the confidence and skill to reel it in? to make yourself POP! — when up against hundreds of ambitious applicants — for a job that’s right for you. How to tell your story, authentically, without overselling or underselling yourself. How to craft an eye-catching application. How to navigate a salary negotiation with a hiring manager, or with your boss, when $20,000 is up in the air.

What happens if you’re not: Famous. Funny. Good looking. Or Rich.

(Or, all the above.)

But look, here’s some comforting news.

You may be not be catching a ton of fish. (But that’s okay!) Because you may not be the real culprit..

More than likely, no one ever taught you to fish. So, now you’re on boat. Frustrated and hungry. And not a fish in sight.  

But you know what they say: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for the day. But teach a man to fish and he will eat for years to come.”

And I built the Career Calling School upon that precise belief.

We’re here to teach you how to land the biggest career catch of your life.

The Career Calling School
A Proven, Step-by-Step System Equipping You With the Clarity & Confidence to Find Work You Love!

— Finally —

Know What to Do With Your Life!

Inside the doors of The Career Calling School, you’re going to discover:
How to find worthwhile work you love:  Finally! No more living for lunch breaks and long weekends

How to finally figure out what to do with your life...especially if you can’t see yourself in any one specific career. Or if you could see yourself doing a million different things!  

How to dig deep and uncover your hidden gifts and genius.
Things you do better than most everyone without even trying. Tap into your (hidden) gifts, and you’ll be one step closer to an interesting career.
All guided by my real-world tested, 3-Step system, that real professionals — ages 21 to 45+ — have used to uncover their calling and find work that feels right.
Nii’s course will give you everything you need to transform your career. We’ve known each other for 10 years. We’ve even hosted workshops together. He’s the real deal!
— Greg Dillon — 
Career expert & seasoned HR professional
featured on CNBC and the cover of Fortune magazine.
“How to Wiggle Your Way Out of a Boring Job & Break Into the Work You Were ‘Born to Do."
Discover why it’s been so hard to tap into your gifts and untapped potential. (This could e the thing holding you back!) 

How to uncover your “taken-for-granted” gifts — stuff that you do better than the average person — without trying much. 

Have to assemble a detailed inventory of your natural gifts and strengths. Know exactly what you’re good at and why — so you can use this intel to find a role that’s right for you. 
How to spark deeper confidence in yourself by applying a simple technique that involves you and your closest friends.   

Discover which of your natural gifts translate into marketable “real-world” skills that employers are looking for in a candidate. 

The Organic Opportunity: I’m going to give YOU the SECRET to creating one-of-a-kind roles — real job offers that organically emerge (without having to scroll through job sites for hours).

The WorkBite Way: How to find new, exciting opportunities right under your nose — especially if you don’t know which career path to choose.

Still wondering what to do with your life? (You’re NOT alone!) Research findings reveal why you might have it harder than your parents.

Get the “inside scoop” on what it’s really like to work at a company you’ve got an eye on…(because “Glassdoor” isn’t telling you everything!)  

How to explore your career options, in just 3-5 weeks, and narrow them down to a field you feel good about.
The Science to Standing Out: How to set yourself apart, INSTANTLY— by applying a scientific insight studied by a Princeton professor and neuroscientist. When it’s all said and done, you won’t just be “memorable.” But impossible to forget.

The Spray and Pray Approach: Why randomly applying for jobs online is NOW a waste of your time.

Body Language Blunders:
How to QUIETLY conceal your nervous habits and insecure ticks in an interview. (Remember — 88.75% of ALL communication is nonverbal, so HR is reading you like a book.)

How to authentically answer curveball questions thrown your way — from the hand of a hiring manager. (Questions like: “Tell me about yourself” or “What’s your biggest weakness?”)

Nailing Your First 90 Days:
Discover two harmless habits to guide you on a path to pay raises, promotions and praise from your boss (without the office politics.)
—“You’re going to learn a proven, 3-step system for —finding worthwhile work you love — even if you don’t know what to do with your life!”
“Here’s What You’re Getting!”
The Career Calling Video Modules: You’ll have access to 21 videos, rich with practical, step-by-step instructions and real world examples. Watch these videos at your own pace — from the comfort of your home. Plus, you get 12 worksheets, and word-for-word scripts and exercises. Everything you need to land a role that feels right. And, of course, you have lifetime access to your videos. (And all future updates to the course!)

The Career Calling Office Hours: Got a question? Or need some input? Get CUSTOM COACHING on your most pressing career questions through a FULL YEAR of bi-weekly “office hours” with me. In real time. I’ll off you practical tips and advice based on your specific situation. (And if you’re feeling shy? It’s okay. Submit your questions anonymously, and I’ll answer them on our call.) Of course, every call is recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience.

The Career Calling Slack Channel: Sometimes, forging your own path can be difficult, so I’m giving you you access to a curated community of like-minded professionals who, like you, are ready to carry out their calling. You’ll have a chance to meet your peers, exchange notes and growth together.  

6 Installments of $99
Pay $497 Upfront—Save $97
“ Career Calling School is NOT teaching you cookie-cutter career advice!"
You’re not going to learn fully advice you can find on Google: Like “Just do what you love...and the money will follow.”  

Instead, I’m teaching you a proven, step-by-step system that works. I’ve used and so have others, too, to see success. So I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

I’ve paired my practical steps with mental models on human nature, relationships and value. But none of this will matter if you don’t take action. 
— Mia —
I walked out of a job interview for a sales job at an insurance company frustrated because I knew the dreaded question was coming...“So.. why do you want to work with us?” And I’d be forced to face my truth: I DIDN’T want to.

I wanted more from life. I was an art history major with a Masters in global hospitality management. Fresh from grad school with no real career leads and tens of thousands in student loans. And even though I desperately needed income—I wasn’t willing to sell my soul to the highest bidder. But I knew what I was doing, wasn’t working.

Career Calling’s proven 3-step system gave me the support and clarity that I needed. I was able to break into the luxury hospitality industry. Within weeks I landed my dream role working for the Ritz Carlton. The “golden goose” of hospitality. Now I oversee  corporate events for clients like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. With Work Bites, I was able to get my foot in the door of an international five-star brand and secure my seat — all before the job was even posted online.”
— Kimia —
“I was a little skeptical, but I applied the Career Calling School principles...and it worked! I secured two job offers in just two weeks!”
—Blake & Erin —
At 26 I had a quarter life career crisis. It didn’t make sense. I’d done everything you’re “supposed” to do. Graduated high school. Check.Graduated college. Check. Got a “real” job. Check. Got married. CHECK! But here I was. Working in sales for a high end fine jewelry company. My work place was toxic. My salary was 100% commission. It was time for a change.

As a neurobiology major in college I knew the traditional science field wasn’t right for me. The concepts introduced to me by the Career Calling School challenged most of the conventional career advice I’d gotten. 

Thanks to the strategies I learned in this course, I was able to go from being stuck in a job I was unhappy with into a new industry: luxury health foods. Today, my wife and I run a successful company together. We have 9 employees and we can confidently say we’re living out our career calling! 
“I’m Giving You a Gift: 3 FREE Bonuses (Worth $450.00) — After You Walk Through the Doors of My Career Calling School and Enroll!”
Here's Your Bonus Material:
FREE Bonus #1: HR-Certified “Cheat Sheets” (Worth $175) 
I’m giving you an entire archive of HR-approved templates. Basically an “idiot’s guide” to accelerating your career. I know. The hardest part of a journey is getting started — so I’ve done virtually everything but autofill your name. You’re welcome. Here’s my gift to you: carefully formatted templates, word for word scripts and a packet of practical, printable worksheets — everything you need to find worthwhile work. 
FREE Bonus #2: Hiring Hacks — An HR professional reveals what hiring managers are really thinking when evaluating you (Worth $125)
Recent research reveals a shocking finding: Job recruiters will judge your resume in 6 SECONDS or less. Their glance can decide your FATE: whether your application’s ignored or flagged for review. Discover what’s going through HR’s head when they’re evaluating your application. 

FREE Bonus #3: Hardwired For Wealth (Worth $297) 
Joel and Antonia have also agreed to give you a FREE copy of Hardwired For Wealth. This course will teach you how to unlock your business genius — to make more money and grow your business — using insights about your personality type. 
“Now...A Few Words From Joel & Antonia!”
— Joel & Antonia —
“We met Nii at our Atlanta meetup in 2017. We had an instant connection. He’s driven and smart and a creative problem solver. We believed in him so much - we hired him! You’re going to love his course!”
"Nii! I’m ready to enroll! But what if this course isn’t right for me?"
— The Career Calling School Guarantee — 
If you’re hesitant about signing up for The Career Calling School today, that’s okay. Totally get it. You might be thinking to yourself...

“Can this course REALLY help me? I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I’ve tried some stuff like this before. How do I know this course will REALLY work?” or “I’d love to do this, but what if it doesn’t work for me?”  

These questions are totally normal. If you follow my 3-step roadmap, I’m CONFIDENT you will find worthwhile work you love. That’s why, today, I’m offering you an AMAZING guarantee. Here’s how it works.

Try it for 30 days. Watch the videos. Do the exercises. Take action. See if it works for you. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll reimburse your tuition.

“Crystallize What to Do With Your Life & Find Work You Love Through a Proven 3-Step System”

Once you enroll, you will have access to everything below:
The Complete Career Calling Course: You’re getting lifetime access to 21 videos and a packet of 10 practical worksheets. Watch them at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. 

The Office Hours Hotline: Get CUSTOM COACHING on your most pressing career questions through a FULL YEAR of bi-weekly “office hours” with me. 

The Career Calling Community: Joined a curated community of like-minded professionals who, like you, are ready to carry out their calling. 

FREE Bonus 1: HR-Certified “Cheat Sheets” (Worth $175): A packet of practical, HR-Approved templates for your resumes, follow-up emails, interview questions, thank you notes, and more. 

FREE Bonus 2: Hiring Hacks (Worth $125) — An HR professional reveals what hiring managers are really thinking when evaluating you (Worth $125): Recent research reveals a shocking finding: Job recruiters will judge your resume in 6 SECONDS or less. Discover what’s going through HR’s head when they’re evaluating your application. 

FREE Bonus 3: Hardwired For Wealth (Worth $297): Joel and Antonia are giving you a free copy of Hardwired For Wealth. This course will teach you how to unlock your business genius — to make more money and grow your business — using insights about your personality type. 
6 Installments of $99
Pay $497 Upfront—Save $97
— Chelsea —
"I was graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in mechanical engineering and industrial design. I was interested in automotive engineering, architecture and ministry work, but I didn’t really have any real-world experience or connections. Or clarity on which path was right for me. I was starting to get anxious about joining the real world because graduation we getting close.  

I was discouraged. I had applied to several jobs and internships, but I couldn’t get an interview. Nobody would even talk to me. To make matters worse, I’m kind of shy and introverted — especially when under pressure — so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to “sell” myself and keep up with the competition.  

I started learning the Career Calling principles during the end of my junior at Tech. The material taught me how to craft a compelling story about who I am and what I bring to the table. Thanks to the course, I found a few mentors, broke into the engineering industry by landing a paid, 12-week internship at Volvo. 

My internship has now turned into a full-time job. In a few months, I’ll be moving to North Carolina to become an associate engineer at Volvo. I landed this job even before I graduated! 

Going through the Career Calling material didn’t just help me land this job. It also transformed how I saw myself. I learned that I was capable. I feel secure in who I am. I’m smart and confident. I can do it. I'm super grateful for these lessons because I didn’t learn them at Georgia Tech. 

If I can use this material to land my dream job as a 20-something-old-year introvert, you can too. Nii’s stuff really works!"
— Johnny —
"For years, I had a traditional corporate job at a financial services company. I was absolutely MISERABLE. I had a good salary and benefits, but I wasn’t happy. I stuck around because I had $45,000 in student loan debt and a wife. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But I knew I wanted to give back, use my people skills, have a very flexible schedule and earn a high income. 

Career Calling School helped me find the right career. Now I’m a Nashville-based real estate agent. Loving life and helping families find their forever homes. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Today, I’m a reputable realtor in my city. I have a team of 3 agents, and I’ve been featured in a few real estate magazines. As soon as I decided to 
claim my career calling, life started looking up—and now I am literally living my dreams!"
6 Installments of $99
Pay $497 Upfront—Save $97